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At Thompson Audiology, we are firm believers that assisting others is an integral part of the job. For that reason, we are constantly looking for opportunities to give knowledge in regards to hearing health.

Recently, Dr. Rodney Thompson ventured to the Island of Majero in the South Pacific to provide locals with various audiology services. For more information, read the article below:

"Local audiologist Rodney Thompson recognized a need and a way he could help fill that need in the low-lying, poverty-stricken island of Majero in the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific.

Majero is a small (3.75 square mile) island with a population of just 25,000 and unemployment of 72%. 80% of the population lives below the U,S, poverty level with 18% living on less than one dollar per day. With limited medical care, ENT and audiology services, including hearing aids, are not available in the area, except when provided by volunteers on mission trips.

Thompson learned of Canvasback Missions, an organization that sponsors medical missions trips to the Marshall Islands every year, from a fellow audiologist. Having served as a missionary there 20 years ago, and speaking the language, he decided to join a team. That team, which traveled there for two weeks in September, included four ENT’s, an anesthesiologist, a physician’s assistant, two nurses, and four support personnel. He learned that traveling with an established group provided infrastructure that helps facilitate the success of the mission. With personnel, equipment, and facilities already in place, it offers tremendous advantage.

Dr. Rodney Thompson reached out to friends, hearing aid manufacturers, labs, supply companies, and battery manufacturers for donations. Receiving donations of money, fitting and maintenance supplies, dry aid kits, earmold supplies, and an impressive $115,000 in hearing aids, plus $2000 in batteries and supplies.

While in Majuro, he performed 170 audiological evaluations, fit 72 hearing aids – all donated – and fit one BAHA He left supplies and batteries, and trained one of the physicians how to do basic maintenance and troubleshooting of hearings aids."

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