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Thompson Audiology: Audiologist and Hearing Aid Specialist

Thompson Audiology: Audiologist and Hearing Aid Specialist

Discover how good your hearing can be

If you live in or around Sunnyside or Yakima, WA, you need an audiologist or hearing aid specialist who can make a difference. At Thompson Audiology, we are here for your hearing concerns, and to help you improve your quality of life.

The truth is, when we hear better, life is simply better. The good news is that our hearing experts have more tools, better technology, and ways to help people hear better. Our caring, professional, and experienced team is here to put those tools, technologies, and resources to work for you and your hearing.

Thompson Audiology Audiologist Services

Are you concerned about your hearing? Are you not hearing sounds or voices as clearly as you once did? It doesn't matter what type of hearing concerns you have because when it comes to our hearing, an ounce of prevention truly can be worth a pound of cure.

That is also why we have invested in using the most cutting-edge technology and highest quality audiology and testing equipment. At Thompson Audiology, there is no price you can put on hearing. A few of the issues we address and audiological concerns we test for include:

  • Hearing Loss Tests
  • Hearing Audiology Services
  • Balance Testing
  • Tests for Hearing Damage
  • Standard Hearing Test
  • Hearing Loss Diagnosis
  • Hearing Problem Diagnosis
  • Hearing Loss Treatment
  • Diagnostic Services
  • and more

At Thompson Audiology, we also provide hearing aid services, testing, supplies, fittings, and other services. If it is about your hearing, it should be about Thompson Audiology.

Thompson Audiology

Welcome to Thompson Audiology. We are proud to provide Yakima, Sunnyside, and other nearby communities with unsurpassed professional hearing healthcare. At Thompson Audiology, we care about your hearing and quality of life. Our computerized state-of-the-art testing equipment and caring staff make it possible for us to offer the best audiological services and hearing aid technology in our region.

If you are concerned about your hearing, don't wait. We can put off many things in life until tomorrow, but your hearing isn't one of them, and it shouldn't wait.

We know that hearing issues can be scary, and we also know that there is help. That is also why we are here to help you hear better and improve your quality of life. Contact us to learn more about our services and locations, or to schedule an appointment today.

Established success and proven results

Thompson Audiology was established by James Thompson, M.S., Certified Clinical Audiologist, in 1983. Rodney Thompson, Au.D. and David Oplinger, Au.D. became owners in 2008. Today our staff includes three certified audiologists and three hearing aid dispensers. As the premier audiology facility in Yakima, our hearing aid technology is 100% digital, and our equipment is state of the art. We welcome your business, offering same day appointments and personalized care.

Exceptional customer service for peace of mind

At Thompson Audiology, we treat each and every one of our patients as if they were our family. Because of that, our return business is high, and we aim to keep it that way! Come in today and let our team answer any questions you have. We'll be honest with you and explain exactly what you need and why. Taking time to make sure the processes are done correctly is crucial in hearing healthcare.

Don't wait any longer--make your appointment with Thompson Audiology today. Discover just how good your hearing can be by calling us at 509-248-0933 or submitting a request through our website. We look forward to working with you!

Dave And Lois Broetji

Both of us had hearing challenges as children.

At Thompson Audiology they knew our history and found a solution for each of us.

They were easy to work with and treated us with respect.

Now we appreciate ordinary sounds - sprinklers turning, birds singing.

Thanks to Thompson Audiology, we're part of the world again.

Dave And Lois Broetji